Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Bathroom remodelling mistakes can affect the functionality and comfort of the space. It is important to consider the efficiency and purpose of the bathroom and not become too focused on aesthetics. Otherwise, these mistakes can cause an expensive and time-consuming renovation. Here is a list of common bathroom remodelling mistakes that homeowners should avoid.

  1. Poor Ventilation Bathroom Design

Poor ventilation refers to insufficient airflow in the space. It can cause numerous issues including moulds, moisture, and foul smell. These unpleasant conditions can negatively affect the comfort of the space thereby making the bathroom experience horrible. Some of the reasons behind poor ventilation include;

  • Inadequate Exhaust Fan Size

Homeowners often underestimate the purpose of the exhaust fan. As a result, they don’t pay attention to its size. The size of the exhaust fan should be based on the size of the bathroom space. It is not only important but also recommended that the size of the bathroom should be harmonious with that of the exhaust fan.

Home Ventilating Institute, for instance, recommends 1 CFM or Cubic Feet Per Minute per square foot. The institute also recommends at least 50 CFM for a space smaller than 50 square feet. Homeowners may use this standard as a guide when remodelling bathrooms.

  • Incorrect Exhaust Fan Location

Some remodelling designs don’t pay attention to the location of the exhaust fan. The location of this device is crucial to achieving good air circulation.

Professional contractors suggest placing the exhaust fan near the wet areas. It should be placed near or above the shower or bathtub area to avoid moisture and mould growth. In cases of bathrooms with ceilings over 8 feet, consider adding another exhaust fan.

In general, remodelling plans should consider proper ventilation by choosing the right exhaust fan size. Failure to do so can prevent proper air flow causing damage and unpleasant bathroom experience.

  1. Inaccurate Layout Modifications

Bathroom layout modifications are possible, but a complicated task. Moving the shower, toilet, and sink will require plumbing and electrical work. So make sure to avoid mistakes in changing their locations. Some of the mistakes include;

  • Wrong Toilet Location

Moving the toilet too close to the shower or bathtub can result in too much water splattering. When a bathroom is too wet, it is more prone to mould growth and moisture, which can eventually cause damage.

  • Incorrect Bathroom Door Location

Remodelling the bathroom can also include changing the location of the door. While it is possible, it is also very possible that the new location may be inappropriate. For example, not properly planning the layout can lead to placing the toilet sink too near the door. It can cause a problem if the door swings inwards. Incorrect bathroom door location can also be very discomforting.

Incorrect bathroom door installation can also affect the ventilation of the space. Most international home improvement standards often suggest having more than 3/4 inch clearance. The bathroom door should not touch the floor to allow proper airflow.

  1. DIYs

DIY-ing some of the bathroom renovation projects is tempting, but can have consequences. Due to the desire to skimp on money, homeowners may overestimate their remodelling skills.

One common example is attempting to DIY the cabinets. DIY-ing the cabinets without the necessary skills can cause improper installation. In this case, bathroom users are prone to accidents and serious injuries.

Another example is an incorrect installation of tiles. Some experts warn homeowners and contractors to avoid placing new tiles on top of the old tiles. This practice can save money, but it can cause additional renovation expenses in the future. A bathroom is a moist area, which makes it more prone to tile cracking. Therefore, improper tile installation can compromise safety.

Remember, DIY bathroom renovation without the appropriate skills can cause damage and safety hazards. It is better to hire a professional than to be sorry later.

  1. Using the Wrong Materials

The use of the wrong materials during renovation is detrimental to bathroom users. They can pose risks and hazards. It also compromises comfort. Avoid using some of the listed materials below;

  • Wood Flooring

Wood floors distort in moist areas. Often, it swells until it cracks and bursts. The warped condition of the wood flooring can cause wounds and injuries.

  • Slippy Materials

Materials such as stone, porcelain, or ceramic are slippery. It is better to avoid using them on bathroom floors to avoid slipping accidents. There can be serious injuries resulting from those accidents.

  • Wallpapers

You may be tempted to cover your bathroom cabinet with wallpapers. Although cabinets do not normally get water splashes, they can absorb moisture and humidity. Moist and humid conditions can lose the stickiness of the wallpaper’s paste. Over time, it will drop from the cabinets. It may not be a serious hazard, but we cannot rule out that it may still cause accidents. The beauty is also eroded when the wallpaper drops from where it was pasted.

To avoid risky bathroom remodelling mistakes, carefully choose the right materials.

  1. Unnecessary Spending

It is easy to spend on unnecessary fixtures if budget is not an issue. When excess occurs, some homeowners try to fit them all in the space to avoid wasting the materials. Buying too many mirrors for a small bathroom, for instance, is a waste of money. Hence, it is better to stick to one statement-piece mirror.

Too many bathroom accessories are also not ideal because the bathroom may look crowded. A crowded bathroom will not only limit the space but it can also make it appear less luxurious and pleasant. The unwanted additional accessories may also cause injury and discomfort because they usually take up more space than necessary.

Example: Too many mirrors 

Overall, splurging on unnecessary fixtures can hurt your pocket without adding value to your bathroom.


  1. Not Going Green

Some bathroom remodelling plans ignore sustainability. Choosing traditional fixtures over green ones does not only harm the environment, it can also increase household bills. Thus, not “going green” is a crucial mistake that should be avoided.

Using sustainable fixtures generates long-term benefits for homeowners. LED lighting, for instance, is energy efficient. Thus, it can lower the power bill. Low-flush toilets, on the other hand, use less water than conventional ones. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that water-efficient fixtures lower annual water consumption by up to 60%. Considering this fact, going green can also reduce the water bill significantly.

In general, you will get more value for money by using sustainable fixtures.

  1. Prioritizing Trends Over Timelessness

When budget is not an issue, it is very tempting to follow the trends in bathroom improvement. However, trends often come and go. What is trendy today, may look outdated after 3 to 5 years. Often, it is impractical to follow the current fads as it can lead to another expensive bathroom renovation in the future.

Despite the risks of going out-of-style too quickly, trends like minimalism and floating vanities are efficient and valuable. Minimalist styles make bathrooms look luxurious. Floating Vanities, on the other hand, increase space efficiency. Remember to carefully choose the trends to follow unless you are ready for another renovation in 3 to 5 years.

Keep in mind these common mistakes when planning your project. It is highly recommended to plan ahead and carefully choose the correct layout and design. Always remember that a great bathroom is functional, efficient, spacious, and safe.


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We contracted Aidan for the renovation of 3 bathrooms in the house we purchased a few months ago. We absolutely love the designs and final results. Aidan was a great partner through out this renovation as we had a lot going on. He was very accomodating with scheduling, has a great team of professionals making sure that the work is done to the highest standards and to our satisfaction. Once again, many thanks for helping us transform this house into our home.
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Really happy with the finished bathroom from Aidan and team. We moved the entrance to the suite and did a complete upgrade to the existing dated bathroom including adding a sliding door, wet room style shower and all new tiling throughout. Aidan recommended all materials based on designs we had in mind getting us excellent value for money and we were very happy with the final result. Excellent quality for a reasonable cost.
I would highly recommend Aidan Kelly Construction. Aidan and his team completed a challenging bathroom renovation in my home, to the highest standard and under a tough timeline. The bathroom was completely stripped and everything was replaced; plumbing, wiring, water heater, sanitary wear, floor and wall tiling, ceiling. No issue or request was a problem e.g. putting up wall tiles in herringbone pattern or the quartz bathroom vanity top arriving not cut for the sink! I love my new bathroom. Thank you for doing a great job.
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We had quite a tricky family bathroom refurb in an old house in the city center which involved a complete gutting of the existing ( badly laid out) bathroom, smarter alteration of layout to better suit our needs and upgrade of all specs within including installation of pocket doors, wet room floor installation, complete wall and floor tile upgrade as well installation of modern heated towel rads. Can not speak highly enough of how professional, efficient and helpful Aiden and his team were from the planning stage right through to completion. We were delighted with finished product!
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Aidan and his team recently finished a total refurb of my bathroom and I was extremely pleased with their work. The job was done to a very high standard and in a timely manner. I found Aidan approachable and I would highly recommend his services.
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Overall we had an excellent experience with our bathroom renovation. Our bathroom was completely remodelled. It involved a relocation of all existing features and adding new ones too. Including beautiful panelling and moulding around the window, enhancing the space and light. The design is both practical and stylish. Aidan was exceptional from start to finish. He effortlessly resolved the issue with our bespoke vanity unity and resolved problems sourcing our chosen tiles. He completed the job with total professionalism, in time and on budget. The end result is definitely Wow
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We needed the ensuite and family bathroom renovated. Aidan and his staff were efficient and friendly. The work was done quickly and to an excellent standard. We can shower without tiles falling of the walls. I would highly recommend this company. Lucy Lynam
Lucy Lynam
Aidan was amazing to deal with from start to finish, from planning the layout to pricing and completing the project, Aidan was very honest, open and hands on. The final finish and attention to detail was perfect. I can’t recommend Aidan enough. Our new bathroom has received so many compliments
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Aidan totally refurbished our main bathroom in 2019. Having worked with Aidan previously on our double storey extension I had no hesitation in contacting him with a view to carrying out the work. All the work tiling, plumbing ,electrics and built in furniture installation was carried out with complete professionalism. Nothing was too much trouble and there was minimal disruption and mess. There are no problems with Aidan only solutions and I would highly recommend his work.
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We brought Aidan in to revamp our main bathroom and to tile the fireplace in the kitchen/dinging room. Everything was done very professionally, protective flooring was used and the builders cleaned up after themselves. Delivered on time and in budget.
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