7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in our homes. It’s the first place we go when we wake up
and the last place we visit before we call it a day. Your bathroom can lift you up and set you up for the day
or quite the opposite if you face these common bathroom issues that occur over time in this busy room.
Here are 7 signs you need to upgrade your bathroom:
1. Outdated design

The average bathroom will need to be updated every 10 to 15 years. Coming towards the end of this lifespan, many homeowners find that the bathroom doesn’t have the impact it once had. Design styles change over time so even though the bathroom might still be functioning, it might not give the same feeling as when it was first installed. How we use our bathroom can change over time, too. While a bath might be very important to a young family, it can become less important as the kids grow up and a nice walk-in shower area may be more desirable. As we get older, mobility issues may require updates such as raised toilets, grab rails and level
access shower areas. Another reason we hear quite often for a bathroom upgrade is if our client has recently purchased a new home. The bathroom may be as little as a few years old but either the layout or style just doesn’t suit their taste. If there is anything left in the budget after the house purchase, an update at this point could be on the cards. If neutral tiles were installed correctly when the bathroom was first built, it may be possible to freshen up the room with new fixtures and sanitary ware. However, usually, a complete overhaul will be required due to poor layout. Updating an entire house can be very expensive and overwhelming, leaving homeowners wanting to skip the entire decision. Starting small by upgrading the bathroom design and layout can bring tremendous joy for relatively little stress.

2. Water Damage

Over time, leaks in a bathroom are inevitable. The extent to which they create damage often depends on how quickly the leak is spotted and dealt with. If left too long, water can cause damage to the structure of the room including timber studs and floor joists. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant in spotting leaks
and deal with the problem as soon as it arises. In many cases, a large, obvious leak can cause far less long-term damage than a small persistent leak.
This is because the large leak is impossible to ignore and is always rectified straight away. A small, almost unnoticeable leak on the other hand can chip away at your bathroom’s structure for weeks, months and even years. Eventually, there may be no option other than to rip out and replace the entire bathroom.

The most common sources of bathroom leaks are:

  • Leaks around shower doors or bath screens due to sealant failure
  • Waste pipe leaks in baths, showers, basins, or toilets
  • Leaks at brassware fixtures due to damaged seals
  • Grout failure in baths and showers
  • Leaks at radiators or at pipework connections

Signs that you have one of these problems could be persistent smells, mould growth, water damage tothe ceiling in the room below, tiles coming away from walls and/or floor, or a failure of silicone sealants.Whatever the cause and symptom, get these issues seen early in order to prolong the life of your bathroom and avoid expensive repairs.

3. Bathroom mould

Mould in a bathroom is often caused by high levels of humidity associated with steamy showers or baths. This humidity, accompanied by poor ventilation and insulation leads to unwanted mould formation. Mould is often formed at the ceiling, on tile grout, under tile, and in corners of the shower area. This mould must be eradicated because it produces allergens and irritants. Mould can make you and/or your family very sick if not dealt with. There are lots of quick ways to remove mould on common surfaces like using disinfectants. However, if you have a bad case of large colonies of mould, you will need help from a professional – but that serves as a band-aid solution. The root cause has to be found and this is usually poor ventilation and insulation. Effective bathroom ventilation and insulation are key.

4. Frequent fixes for broken tiles/fixtures
If you are constantly having to repair fixtures and fittings in your bathroom, it may be time for an upgrade. We are strong advocates of carrying out repairs to prolong the life of your bathroom but there comes a point when temporary restorations are not sufficient.

If you are having to complete repairs due to issues with some of these items on a frequent basis, a new bathroom is the way to go.

  • Shower door rollers or hinges
  • Shower head/ holder
  • Vanity unit door or drawer
  • Tiles popping off walls or floor
  • Toilet flush

Fixing items on your own in your bathroom can have therapeutic benefits if it’s on a one-off basis. However, if these fixes become more frequent it can get very frustrating and drive you up the wall.

5. Poor lighting

If your bathroom isn’t well-lit, it can make even the simplest of tasks more difficult. Try shaving in a poorly lit bathroom, for example. You will either end up with cuts all over or miss half of the hair but most likely a combination of the two. By the same token, makeup application in a dull room can also end up in disaster. The risk of slips and trips is exacerbated by poor lighting as well which can be a particular issue if the room is being used by young children and the elderly.

Improvements in bathroom lighting could include dimmable led spotlights in the ceiling to create a cosy atmosphere while bathing. Other mood lighting in niches or at a low level could also be included to improve the overall experience in your new bathroom. Task lighting at the bathroom mirror is very important. This can be done with illuminated mirrors/ mirror cabinets or by separate wall lights.

6. Lacks waterproofing

Broken tiles, leaks, and mould can also be a result of failed waterproofing in the bathroom. Tanking systems and tile backer boards are relatively new inventions and are not common in bathrooms built before 2010. Many bathrooms built after this date still don’t have adequate waterproofing in the wet areas which is now standard practice in our bathroom installations. Nowadays, there are tanking systems that offer 10 years warranty on water tightness. The effectiveness of these systems is all in the quality of the installation. If the time is not taken to install them correctly, they are less than useless as they can provide an unwarranted sense of security.

In-home improvement, water is the biggest super villain and that is why bathrooms (and kitchens) are the most renovated area in a house. Waterproofing can be carried out by diligent, competent DIYers but in most cases, it is best left to experienced professionals.

7. Need to add value to your home

I’m sure that selling your house is the last thing on your mind but of course, life changes pretty quickly;  and selling it may be required. Upgrading your bathroom can increase the value of your home by significantly more than the installation cost. Make your bathroom bespoke and well-suited to your needs while maintaining a look that will make it light, bright, and easy on the eyes. Redesign in a way that seems to breathe life into the space and if you do decide to sell your home, the task will be much easier with a bathroom prospective purchasers can fall in love with.

These are but a few of the many reasons you might choose to upgrade your bathroom. Whatever the reason is, don’t forget to spend time in design to make sure you are going to be happy with it for the next 10 to 15 years.

Of course, we at Aidan Kelly Construction can help you with all aspects of the renovation, from design and planning to installation of the finished product. Our team at Aidan Kelly Construction is composed of expert designers and bathroom fitters encompassing all of the required trades who will definitely help you resolve any issues you may encounter with your bathroom. Our goal is to make you feel better and achieve the bathroom that suits your wants and needs.

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We contracted Aidan for the renovation of 3 bathrooms in the house we purchased a few months ago. We absolutely love the designs and final results. Aidan was a great partner through out this renovation as we had a lot going on. He was very accomodating with scheduling, has a great team of professionals making sure that the work is done to the highest standards and to our satisfaction. Once again, many thanks for helping us transform this house into our home.
Victor Pendlebury
Really happy with the finished bathroom from Aidan and team. We moved the entrance to the suite and did a complete upgrade to the existing dated bathroom including adding a sliding door, wet room style shower and all new tiling throughout. Aidan recommended all materials based on designs we had in mind getting us excellent value for money and we were very happy with the final result. Excellent quality for a reasonable cost.
I would highly recommend Aidan Kelly Construction. Aidan and his team completed a challenging bathroom renovation in my home, to the highest standard and under a tough timeline. The bathroom was completely stripped and everything was replaced; plumbing, wiring, water heater, sanitary wear, floor and wall tiling, ceiling. No issue or request was a problem e.g. putting up wall tiles in herringbone pattern or the quartz bathroom vanity top arriving not cut for the sink! I love my new bathroom. Thank you for doing a great job.
Ruth Meredith
We had quite a tricky family bathroom refurb in an old house in the city center which involved a complete gutting of the existing ( badly laid out) bathroom, smarter alteration of layout to better suit our needs and upgrade of all specs within including installation of pocket doors, wet room floor installation, complete wall and floor tile upgrade as well installation of modern heated towel rads. Can not speak highly enough of how professional, efficient and helpful Aiden and his team were from the planning stage right through to completion. We were delighted with finished product!
Bobby Mcdonnell
Aidan and his team recently finished a total refurb of my bathroom and I was extremely pleased with their work. The job was done to a very high standard and in a timely manner. I found Aidan approachable and I would highly recommend his services.
Edwina Hickey
Overall we had an excellent experience with our bathroom renovation. Our bathroom was completely remodelled. It involved a relocation of all existing features and adding new ones too. Including beautiful panelling and moulding around the window, enhancing the space and light. The design is both practical and stylish. Aidan was exceptional from start to finish. He effortlessly resolved the issue with our bespoke vanity unity and resolved problems sourcing our chosen tiles. He completed the job with total professionalism, in time and on budget. The end result is definitely Wow
Eileen Murphy
We needed the ensuite and family bathroom renovated. Aidan and his staff were efficient and friendly. The work was done quickly and to an excellent standard. We can shower without tiles falling of the walls. I would highly recommend this company. Lucy Lynam
Lucy Lynam
Aidan was amazing to deal with from start to finish, from planning the layout to pricing and completing the project, Aidan was very honest, open and hands on. The final finish and attention to detail was perfect. I can’t recommend Aidan enough. Our new bathroom has received so many compliments
Karina Shaw
Aidan totally refurbished our main bathroom in 2019. Having worked with Aidan previously on our double storey extension I had no hesitation in contacting him with a view to carrying out the work. All the work tiling, plumbing ,electrics and built in furniture installation was carried out with complete professionalism. Nothing was too much trouble and there was minimal disruption and mess. There are no problems with Aidan only solutions and I would highly recommend his work.
Ross Kyne
We brought Aidan in to revamp our main bathroom and to tile the fireplace in the kitchen/dinging room. Everything was done very professionally, protective flooring was used and the builders cleaned up after themselves. Delivered on time and in budget.
Paul Kelly

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