An Approach That Will Keep Your Project on Time, On Budget and Virtually Eliminates the Most Common Bathroom Renovation Headaches

Even a simple home bathroom renovation project can get extremely complicated and complex and most homeowners are just not sure what to expect.

Unless your contractor has the real world experience and proven methods in place you could become another Renovation Horror Story.

Our proven method has been developed to ensure you that your project will go as smoothly as possible at every step and has earned us the reputation of building your project, just the way you want, on time and on budget

1- Initial Call

During the initial call we will ask many questions to better understand your current project and how we are best able to serve your needs.  At the end of the call we will schedule a time for our initial site visit and project consultation as well as provide you with several resources our clients have found helpful when evaluating contractors.

2-Project Consultation

During your Project Consultation, we will review the material we previously provided and learn more about the space to be renovated.

It is during this meeting we like to dig deep to discover what you like and more importantly dislike about the current space, who will be using the renovated space and for what activities.

We’ll discuss the pros/cons of various materials, cabinet options, layout and floor plan options and answer any questions you may have about our company.

Next, we will take detailed measurements of the space, investigate the current condition of structure and utilities serving it and finally discuss the costs of similar projects and how these match up with your target investment.

At the end of the project consultation, we will schedule a time to get together again and review the design agreement.

3-Design Argreement

Often, homeowners have hired an architect for the design of their project.

However many times they look to us since we work with certified architects that will work with you from the very start.

In assembling the design agreement we create an initial scope of work including any alternative options we may have discussed during the project consultation.

From this initial scope of work, we assemble the initial estimated budget for your project.

The agreement also details the steps needed to move forward towards final proposal with our fixed price guarantee.

Once the design agreement is complete we meet again to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have regarding the initial scope and estimated budget.

4-Estimate / Quote

Based on the final design, we will submit a complete, detailed, no surprises, estimate that will detail the scope of your project, specific work to be done and the allowances for materials and fixtures.   You’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your investment.

5-Material Selection

With the design phase completed we meet again to review and sign the final proposal and answer any questions, you might have.

We will assist you with your material selection and our preferred vendors will work with you on specific materials selections that are in your budgeted allowances.

6-Pre-Construction Conference

One of the biggest complaints homeowners have about their contractor is poor communication about their project and that they don’t know what’s going on.

Our clients don’t have that problem.

Approximately 1 week before your project starts your project manager will review with you the details about your project.

We will review and discuss:

Work hours

Site access

Your project schedule

Designate an area to be used for tool and material storage/staging.

Your Project Manger will be available for the duration of your project and can answer any specific questions that may come up.


Once construction begins we work hard to communicate the progress of your project.

At the end of the day, our job site is still your family’s home and we work hard to minimize disruptions to your daily routine. 

Note: Change Orders / Unexpected Work 

Sometimes, once construction begins, you may want to add additional materials or components to your project that were not covered in the original design.

These are handled with Change Orders and must be written, agreed upon and paid per the terms of the change order when the change is accepted.

8-Final Walk Through / Your Workmanship Warrantee

When your project is completed and you’re ready to move back into the space we’ll conduct a thorough walk-through of your project with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and to collect any final payment that is due.

Your project is backed by a full 1-year warrantee on all of our work. 

Remember:  The fact that so many contractors come and go, a warrantee does you no good if the company is out of business.

9-After Construction

Once the project is done we don’t simply disappear.

We have a follow-up plan in place to make sure that years down the road your new project looks as great as the day we finished.

We encourage our clients to contact us for all of their home renovation/repair needs.

If it’s not a service we offer we can you refer you to one of our trusted trade partners.  These are companies we would use for our own homes.

Our Promise

We understand that most people get a bit anxious when they are looking for and working with a renovation contractor to create their dream kitchen, bathroom, extension or custom renovation project.

We want to assure you that doing a project with our company will virtually eliminate the headaches, frustrations, and problems that are all too common in the home renovation industry.

To be frank, there are hundreds of construction companies in the Dublin area that call themselves “renovation contractors.”  It’s almost impossible to tell who’s going to do a good job on your project and we understand that most people experience some anxiety looking for and hiring a contractor to work in their home

We invite you to learn about our company, our proven process to ensure a smooth project and discover how we’re setting a whole new standard in the greater Dublin area for home renovations, extensions and attic conversions and more that few companies can match.

How Can We Help?

We look forward to answering any questions about your upcoming project.

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