Work Included:

  • Removal of wall between living room and kitchen in order to extend the kitchen.

  • Installation of a pocket door sliding system in place of the old wall.

  • Demolition of the front porch.

  • Designing and construction of a new front porch with canopy.

  • Installation of new doors and windows and all the locks.

  • Sound proofing of the living room.

  • Application of fire resistant paint.

  • Complete rewiring of the kitchen and living room.

  • Installation of modern bathroom accessories in one of the bathrooms.

  • Tiling of the kitchen.


One of our clients had limited space and their kitchen felt a bit small. We came up with an idea to remove the wall dividing the living room and the kitchen. Doing so effectively freed up the much-needed space. We also installed a sliding door mechanism in place of the wall so that there can be a temporary closure to the kitchen if the situation demands so.

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